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Apple is not the new Microsoft

The Apple Watch: Proof That Once Again Apple is King Apple is ingenious when it comes to capitalizing on trends. The latest gadget from the manufacturer is the Apple Watch set to be released on April 24. What people often fail to realize is that Apple is doing more with its products than what it seems at first glance. The

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Genius Behind the New MacBook

The new MacBook has caused quite a stir as one would expect from any new Apple product. Amongst all of the praises for the design and lightweight feel of the laptop is some strong criticism for the single port that is included. What many fail to realize is just what this could signify for the future of computing. Innovative Design

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The shiny new Apple Macbook

Apple has just unveiled its new MacBook, which proves to be innovative in many ways. As the lightest and thinnest Apple laptop, it is easy and convenient to take everywhere. It also features several new innovations in design to make it more practical for users on the go. Supreme Portability At only two pounds, you will hardly even notice that

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