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Apple Watch Review


  Apple Watch The company has all the right ideas for now. Rating: Buy the Sport edition, $349 5MNS Tech on the KrishDTech Network Show #28 – April 26th 2015 Where to get one? http://www.apple.com/watch/ KrishdTEch T-Shirts http://teespring.com/krishdtech Thank you for your support–without you, none of this would be possible. If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting the show

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Apple is not the new Microsoft

The Apple Watch: Proof That Once Again Apple is King Apple is ingenious when it comes to capitalizing on trends. The latest gadget from the manufacturer is the Apple Watch set to be released on April 24. What people often fail to realize is that Apple is doing more with its products than what it seems at first glance. The

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Yes I want an Apple Watch

  The Apple Watch is not the first wearable device. It’s not even the first smart watch designed. However, it is revolutionary in the fact that it not only competes with other smart watches but with other traditional watches. Express Your Style A watch is vastly different from a smartphone, tablet or other electronic device that you carry with you.

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