Apple is not the new Microsoft

The Apple Watch: Proof That Once Again Apple is King

Apple is ingenious when it comes to capitalizing on trends. The latest gadget from the manufacturer is the Apple Watch set to be released on April 24. What people often fail to realize is that Apple is doing more with its products than what it seems at first glance. The same can be said of this watch and how it can put the company on top of wearable devices.

A Versatile Platform

People are more focused on what the Apple Watch can do than on what the future holds. They look at it as a smart watch, one that is similar to devices from other manufacturers. What many fail to realize is that Apple has just created a new platform that could revolutionize technology in many ways.

Apple has done something totally different with this product than with anything else. It has allowed third-party developers to create apps for the watch before it has even been released. In the past, Apple products only work with Apple-approved applications and programs. It was one of the limitations that some people complained about but not enough to switch to an inferior product.

The watch is a departure from previous operating practices since Apple announced the availability of a kit last fall that allows developers to create apps that work with the device.

A Watch That Does It All

Developers are already busy designing apps that will be available at launch or soon afterwards that work with the watch. What this does for Apple is heighten the appeal and entice more people to purchase the watch because it does more.

For instance, one company is designing an app that will allow the watch to work with enterprise software. As the trend of Bring Your Own Device to work continues to grow, this will enhance the appeal of a watch that can perform work-related tasks.

Of course, people don’t just use their technology for work. They like to play, too. Another implication for the Apple Watch is that it will be utilized in gaming. Up to this point, game developers have not been too intrigued by the small devices. It is rather difficult to play standard tablet and smartphone games on something so tiny. However, Apple always draws a following whenever new gadgets and technology are developed.

Rather than trying to alter current games to fit the smaller device, developers will have to look at the device and build new games around it. These games will need to be simple with one-touch capabilities. They must be short; games that can be played in a few minutes.

Social games are another phenomenon that could benefit from the Apple Watch. These games would be ongoing but could be played in short sessions with friends through social networks.

Recently, Tim Cook told Fast Company that Apple is “willing to lose sight of the shore” and that Microsoft’s hardship over the past decade has been due to its unwillingness to “walk away from legacy stuff”. With the Watch Apple has done more than design a one. It has created a new technology that will have impact in many other areas besides being a wearable device. Once again, I believe Apple has proved to think outside the box and come up with something revolutionary.

Is it April 10th yet?