Genius Behind the New MacBook

The new MacBook has caused quite a stir as one would expect from any new Apple product. Amongst all of the praises for the design and lightweight feel of the laptop is some strong criticism for the single port that is included. What many fail to realize is just what this could signify for the future of computing.

Innovative Design

Let’s face it. Apple has always been a leader in technology. The company has developed new designs that are radical departures from the norm. That is why the company has been so successful. The day it starts following other players will be the day that Apple begins to fall from its top spot.

That is not likely to happen any time soon if the new design is any indication. While some may criticize the lack of multiple ports, what they fail to realize is that a single port is the wave of the future.

The USB-C may be one port, but it acts like multiple ports. What it takes two or three ports to accomplish with a normal laptop, this port can do alone. It handles multiple tasks at one time without a hitch.

The Facts about the USB-C

One of the first things that appeal about this port is that it is reversible. No more struggling to plug in a device since it works upside down and right side up. This versatility continues with what it can do. It not only acts as a host to charge a device, it can charge the laptop as well. It has the capability to handle larger loads so that it charges multiple devices at the same time.

The port transfers about twice as fast as other USB devices, which saves time and means you need to use the port less. This one port can also be used with a variety of devices, including HDMI and VGA along with USB. You just need an adapter for these devices, which Apple has. As wireless becomes more standard, the need for direct connection will decrease which is what Apple is betting on.

To see the evidence today, you only have to look as far as the camera on your smartphone. Much of the time, the photos no longer download to the camera or an SD card. Instead, they automatically upload to cloud storage. You have instant access to them regardless of which device you are using. Print out your favorites with a wireless printer. No cables or unsightly cords to hang you up. Instead, you have a seamless process that takes place over multiple devices without hesitation.

Apple is expecting that this method of sharing data and media will be commonplace in the future. In fact, you can already see the move with other devices utilizing USB-C. Apple is the first to install a consumer laptop with such a port, but it is sure to catch on.

While the single port may cause a few inconveniences for some users today, they probably won’t be as many as you think. And it is evident that Apple is continuing to be a leader by predicting the future of technology.

Will you be buying the new Macbook?