Yes I want an Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is not the first wearable device. It’s not even the first smart watch designed. However, it is revolutionary in the fact that it not only competes with other smart watches but with other traditional watches.

Express Your Style

A watch is vastly different from a smartphone, tablet or other electronic device that you carry with you. Because you wear it instead of just carrying it with you, it should be a showcase of your personality and sense of style. While many manufacturers are designing watches that can do more, most of them look pretty ugly dong it. When you see the design, you wonder if anyone will even wear such a gadget.

That is not a problem with Apple. The Apple Watch was made to be functional, but it was also designed to be stylish. It’s the electronic device for the fashion-conscious consumer. Instead of just one basic design with all of the focus on the electronics of the watch, it comes in a range of styles and colors to fit the wearer’s individual style.

Function: Yes it has function(s)

Of course, the reason to choose the Apple Watch over a plain watch is because of what it can do. This watch is able to do a lot, which will make it valuable to the user. It pairs with the iPhone, beginning with the iPhone5 and newer. You can put your iPhone in a pocket and function solely with the watch.

The Apple Watch uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and interacts through taps, swipes and buttons on the side. You can also speak into the microphone. It includes a fitness tracker and also sends and receives messages. You can pick up voice mail or receive and make calls and work with other apps. The watch works as a remote for Apple TV and can even be connected to other home devices.

One of the biggest features that will appeal to users is the phone’s ability to work with Apple Pay and enable you to make payments quickly and easily. The NFC also allows you to pay for other things online and possibly open hotel room doors. It has the potential to do even more in the future. Much of this technology you won’t see in other smart watches.

Another benefit that users will enjoy with this Apple Watch is the fact that third-party app makers will be allowed to design more apps for the product. A kit was released in 2014, which means that new apps may be available at launch on April 24th. This is a new move for Apple and is an exciting addition for the watch.

Apple has created three versions of the watch with specific price tags to appeal to a wide range of users. The basic model will be priced around $350 while the elite model includes 18k gold and will sell for $17,000.

Once again, Apple has proven to be a leader in technology. While it didn’t design the first smart watch, it has designed the first one that looks as good as it functions.

This is of course a 1st Gen Product. Think about the first iPhone, the first iPad or the first MacBook which had very few ports and was priced very high. I have my full confidence Apple will get it right over time, and as Apple did with the iPhone the platform will grow. In essence, Apple is creating a new platform. Today the watch requires an iPhone, as the phone itself is the hub. In 5 years, I predict the watch will be the hub and your phone will be a forgotten paper plastic like display to “augment” your screen realty.

I want an Apple watch.