Apple’s iWatch: innovative or a waste of time?

If your phone is anything other than the iPhone 6, then this article nor the iWatch is for you. Apple’s new line of smartwatches will be fully integrated with the current iPhone, and will display push messages, emails, phone calls, and calendar notifications. These features may sound intriguing, but hold on to your pants because the price ranges from $350 for the low-end line to $17,000 for an 18K gold version. Yes, you read those three zeros correctly. To begin with, the iWatch will come in three series:

1. a polished silver or black case made from a custom alloy of stainless steel.

2. The Apple Watch Sport collection, which has an aluminum case in silver or space grey, with strengthened Ion-X glass and colorful, durable straps.

3. The Apple Watch Edition, which is made from 18K yellow or rose gold, and has sapphire crystal glass.

The watch is also customizable with different straps, and changeable wallpapers. When I say that this phone is integrated with your iPhone, I mean really integrated. On this watch, you will have a home screen with the icons as on your phone: iMessage, iPhoto, calendar, reminders, email, etc… You will be able to receive push notifications from text messages to Facebook.

The watch has a movement sensor, so the screen opens when you lift up your arm. It also has vibration-feedback, which goes as far as vibrating a certain way when your navigation wants you to turn left, and a different vibration sequence when GPS wants you to turn right. The watch functions through the GPS and WFI of your iPhone.

The watches have a “Digital Crown” scroll wheel, which will help you better navigate through apps and allows you to zoom. With Force Touch, the watch will be able to tell the difference between a tap and a press, which allows for more options to choose from. In addition, the Apple Watch supports Apple Pay, so (depending whether or not the store accepts Apple Pay,) you will be able to pay through your watch.

The watch is water resistant; however, it is not waterproof. You can run in the rain, or wash your hands, but it will not support going swimming or taking a shower.

The battery will last around 18 hours per charge, unless you turn on the “Power Reserve Mode,” which allows the watch to last up to 72 hours. It will charge to 80% in about an hour and a half, but will take the same amount of time to charge the last 20%. Plus, the watch acts as a fitness monitor. With two separate fitness apps, it will give you an idea of: calories burned, exercises, when you take a break, distance traveled, and workout pace. It will also record your heart rate. There are a limited options of apps for the watch (at the moment) but, app developers are working hard to have more available by the release of the watch.

This watch is looking promising, it will allow you to be social, and active. You can play your music, use Siri, and communicate with drawings to other iWatch users. The watch is set to be released April 24th, and will be available in Apple retails stores.

Will you be getting one? Stay tune for the full review on Vraj’s podcast, 5MNS TECH, when the watch releases on April the 24th.