Macbook (2015) vs. Surface Pro 3 (2014 model)

MacBook Competes Against the Surface Pro 3 for Portability
[featured picture property of Apple Inc]


The MacBook was recently unveiled by Apple and shows off an amazing design and is being billed as the notebook of the future with no fan. Since the Surface Pro 3 has made similar claims about being a tablet to replace laptops, you have to wonder which one is really the best.


One of the first issues for portability is size. Here, Apple does a great job by making the MacBook its thinnest machine ever at just 13.1mm thick at the largest point. The Surface Pro 3 is thicker at 13.97mm when you add the Type Cover.

The same is true of weight. At just two pounds, you hardly notice that you even have a laptop with the MacBook. It won’t weigh you down when you carry it with you. The Surface comes in second again at almost 2 ½ pounds.

Both machines are well made, but Apple gives you three choices on covers. Stick with the traditional silver or try out the new gold or space gray for a different look.

Winner on design: Macbook


How the devices function is of prime importance to users. The outstanding display on the MacBook makes it a winner. It features a 12-inch Retina display that comes with a resolution of 2304 x 1440. A full-size keyboard improves usability while keeping it thin and responsive. The wider keys make typing easier. The Surface Pro 3 has a keyboard as well, but it is not full-size.

Apple has already excelled at its trackpads, and the new Force Touch enhances the functionality. While the Surface has made improvements, it just can’t beat Apple in this area.

Winner on usability: Macbook


Experience and Performance is essential regardless of the size of the device. Both models fare well in this area, but the MacBook has some clear advantages. For instance, with no fan you enjoy absolute quiet. The Surface Pro 3 is rather loud and the fan runs often.

Both models boast similar battery life, which is an improvement from older models at nine hours. This gives users more options for use without worrying about being near a charging area.

Both devices offer connectivity with advanced wireless features. Both lack the LTE connectivity, but they do include Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac.

The Surface could win by having an Intel i series processor vs. the M processor leveraged by Apple for the macbook. Unfortunately Windows 8 on board diminishes the experience.

Winner on Experience: Macbook


At first glance, the Surface Pro 3 seems to be the clear winner with a model priced under $1000. However, the version closest to the base MacBook is actually priced higher with the MacBook at $1299 and the Surface coming in at $1430.

Winner on pricing: Surface Pro 3


While you can compare the two, it is about what you are looking for in a portable device. With the MacBook’s stylish, lightweight design, it offers the practical portability that you want when you are busy and on the go. And with the name Apple backing it, you are sure of reliability and performance for all of your tasks.