EyePatch your iPhone

Protecting the Camera Lens on the iPhone

People love their iPhones. They are usually die-hard fans that don’t want to settle for anything else. They also love to customize their phones with fun and decorative cases. The fact that these cases protect their precious investment from drops and falls is an important bonus. But of all the cases that are available, very few of them provide actual protection for the camera lens.

Check out all of the animal print, patterned or solid color cases and no matter how stylish they are, all have the same problem. The area around the camera lens is open. iPhone owners have written in to forums with concern about this unprotected area. They have quickly discovered that their options are limited.


One option is to simply not worry about it. Just replace the lens if it gets scratched or broken. While it is not expensive to buy a new lens, you shouldn’t do the replacement yourself or you may void the warranty. Instead, you would have to take it in to an Apple store and pay for the replacement.

This may be a good option for rare circumstances, but what if your iPhone takes a lot of abuse? Many people put their phones in pockets or bags where it can easily get scratched or smudged. Constantly replacing the lens becomes annoying. Even having to clean the lens every time you want to take a photo isn’t a very convenient option.

Even if the lens isn’t damaged beyond use, a few scratches or fingerprints result in poor quality and blurry photos. Since most people today use their phones to capture special moments, this issue can be a major problem.

Other Options

You can find those thin plastic covers that will protect the camera lens but only when it is covered. Once you remove the protector to take a photo, the lens is in danger again if you should accidentally drop it.

You can also buy a sliding cover that you slide on when not in use and slide off when you are ready for a photo. While this is a better option, it is still not the ideal solution to protect your camera lens.

or get the right case,The EyePatch Case

EyePatch, crowd funded, is advertised as the world’s first cell phone case that protects you and your camera! The best solution would be to build a case that includes protection for the lens built in. And this case does it with style. A switch covers protects the glass when you don’t use the camera. Designing a case that covers the entire phone with special attention to the camera provides convenience to users while still being stylish and practical.

While there are some workable solutions in existence, nothing addresses the problem like EyePatch does. People love using their iPhones to capture fun or heartwarming moments in photos or video and a protective case that includes the lens is welcome accessory.

I am waiting on my unit to arrive so I can review it on the 5MNS Tech Podcast. Stay tuned.