Windows in the classroom


Windows in the Classroom

I am an 11 years old kid and I love school. I love macs and use macs at home. But recently I fell in love with my Dad’s Microsoft Surface. In fact I am hopping to get one for Christmas.

That said, a few month back I had read about an initiative Microsoft began earlier this year  which I thought warranted a new blog post as a reminder to the EDU community. The initiative seeks to bring Windows into the classroom and help every student get the head start they need to be successful. It does this by equipping leaders with modern technology and the knowledge on how to use it.

What is Windows in the Classroom?

This program is based on seminars that provide information and inspiration to educators and other school leaders. It allows them to learn new ways to optimize the use of technology in each classroom. They are two-hour sessions that can either be held in the school or somewhere in the local area. This is ideal for schools that work in conjunction with each other to hold one seminar for the entire community.

The seminars are free and led by a qualified education trainer. They focus on how educators can enhance learning through the use of technology. It also shows them how they can get free tools to help with education through imagination and unique learning methods.

Try It Out

Educators and school leaders can try out the program by watching a complimentary online webinar. These give you an idea of what you can do with Windows and how it can help education. Some example titles include:

  • Teaching Math over and over and over again…in less time than before
  • Collaborating and Creating
  • The 21st Century Science Lesson on Photosynthesis

What Educators Learn

The seminar shows how software and devices are changing education in the 21st century through real-world examples. It will show the research on innovative teaching to enhance the learning experience. It will provide the case for having technology in schools and show how it can improve research and provide more references. Schools can distribute and share curriculum and use fun games to assist with learning.

The seminar also discusses how to use tablet PCs to help with education and the benefits of digital storytelling. It also shows how technology can enhance communications and improve the ability for students to demonstrate understanding.

Finding the Right Solution

Microsoft doesn’t just present the benefits to using Windows for education, it also makes it affordable. The company provides volume discounts for educational institutions. It features both subscription-based programs and perpetual licensing options.

Microsoft Office is still the most used productivity software for businesses today. Windows is also still the leader in operating systems. It only makes sense for schools to start their students on the right path for the future. While some critics say that Microsoft is becoming irrelevant in today’s technology, the numbers don’t follow that logic. Kids with an early start in technology will be better equipped in the future to find the best jobs that offer stability, promotion, and an above-average salary.

With special programs to make obtaining these products more affordable, schools can lead the way to helping students prepare for graduation. Microsoft is not just concerned with selling products today, but in helping teach people how to use them for tomorrow. With these initiatives, the company and its users will be successful now and in the future.

For more info about Windows in the classroom check out this link.