2014 Recap: Microsoft Office came the the iPad: It was a Great Day for Apple Users


The look for Microsoft changed earlier this year as it moves to being the leader of the 21st century. This is obvious from the integration of Office into the Apple iPad to the look of the new leader making the presentation. It looked like Microsoft had finally gotten it right and boy it did get it right. I love my iPad. I am an 11 years old kid. I love my macbook Pro with retina display. Office made my iPad whole.

Office for the iPad – a Win-win Situation

Sure, you have other products that you can use, but let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like Word for reading or writing documents or Exel for designing spreadsheets or PowerPoint for creating amazing presentations. That’s why the announcement of Office for the iPad will garner enthusiastic responses even from those who hate to admit it.

This is not simply an upscaled version, but a completely new set of apps designed to work with the iPad’s operating system. At the same time, the new design still focuses on what people already loved about Office.

It’s free to view any document in the Big Three (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and recently Microsoft removed the barrier to do everything else. This is a big improvement over what you could do on the iPhone even with a subscription. Here is a look at each of the applications and how they work with the iPad.


One of the best benefits of Word on the iPad is the fact that you get many of the same features you would enjoy on the desktop to make it easier to do your work away from the office. You can move text around, switch fonts, and do all of the basic formatting you would on your computer, including:

  • Bolding and underlining
  • Setting up justification
  • Creating bullet points and lists
  • And much more

You also get a good choice of templates to use from your iPad. And don’t forget the importance of being able to insert photos, tables, and other items into your documents. Whatever you do on the iPad will look good on any format. This is essential for the person that works from multiple platforms and shares with others. It’s convenient to start right from the last place where you working because the iPad remembers even if you were on another device. Some other great features of Word for iPad include:

  • Tracking changes and adding comments on a document with other users
  • Sharing files by emailing either the document or a hyperlink
  • Automatic save so you don’t lose work
  • Formatting stays the same regardless of device
  • Insert charts, tablets, and other items to create a rich document


Excel is pretty amazing for the iPad, too. While it may not have every feature you would enjoy on the desktop, it has just about anything you would need for a mobile device. The biggest benefit of Exel for the iPad is the large selection of formulas that can be used. If you use Excel on a regular basis, this is one feature that will win you over and is often the reason for using the spreadsheet in the first place. Another button allows you to use a traditional keypad for typing in a large amount of data entry.

Other features of Excel for iPad include:

  • Automatic saving of work in case you go offline
  • Include charts and tables
  • Sort and filter your data
  • Editing stays the same on any device
  • Share your spreadsheet with others through email with an attachment or hyperlink


This app could end up being the most used on the iPad if you want to create, edit, or give presentations on the go. It also comes with multiple templates that actually work. You can also download any that you save to your OneDrive to give you more choices. It’s also convenient to use for presentations since you can press down on your own screen to turn your finger into a laser on the big screen, making it much easier to control.

You can also work with others on your presentation or share it just like with Word and Excel. You can insert images, graphics, tables, and other content into your presentations. You also get access to speaker notes. With PowerPoint for the iPad, you can begin and finish your work right on one device or use it on multiple locations with everything transferring over just like you want.

Ready to Get Started?

Have all of these features made you want to add Office to your iPad? It’s easy to do by just visiting the iTunes store and downloading the apps onto your device. They are all free and allow you to view and write documents. If you want to enjoy the full experience of Microsoft Office, you don’t have to buy an Office 365 subscription.

Office for the iPad is proof of the future for Microsoft. Instead of focusing on keeping its software on Microsoft devices only, it is allowing other operating systems to win over new users. Microsoft recognizes the quality of its products and knows that customers that try them out will be loyal and not venture to anything else. After all, what else is there next to Office?

A New Microsoft

Office for iPad is just one indication that Microsoft was changing to meet the needs of people today, mobile users and students that want convenience and functionality. It’s also a radical decision for a new CEO to make to prove that he is not another Gates or Ballmer, but that he can make changes that are best for the company today and its loyal consumers. I am 11 Years old as i said, and the new CEO is on the list of people I follow on twitter and look up to already.

Microsoft has often been criticized as being outdated and irrelevant to users today. However, the new CEO, Satya Nadella is making strides to prove that Microsoft is relevant and that it can understand and keep up with what people want today.

Take the first appearance of Nadella to see how the company’s image is set to change. Instead of wearing the traditional business suit, Nadella showed up in jeans and a polo shirt. Instead of a company that recognized big business, he looked more like an entrepreneur or engineer. The image change is just one way of getting his message of “mobile first, cloud first” across to people and proving that Microsoft can adapt.

Office for Surface

While the Office for iPad can now claim to be the first version designed for touch, it is expected that a touch version will soon be available for the Surface as well. The company has been working on a touch-friendly version of its popular productivity app for some time which is rumored to be released with Windows 10.

Microsoft is proving that it can be a competitor and leader in today’s mobile world.

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